1-Day Oasis Fint Excursion from Ouarzazate

🐪 The Oasis Fint Day Excursion is one of Ouarzazate’s most popular tours. If you would like to take time to appreciate the incredible desert scenery while having the opportunity to spend some time visiting Oasis Fint, this 1-Day Oasis Fint tour is just for you!

📝 Oasis Fint Tour description:

✅ Ouarzazate → Oasis Fint → Ouarzazate

A morning departure from Ouarzazate, in the direction of Fint, allows plenty of time to explore our destination and course. Along our route, we will be passing through the “Plateau de Pierres”. Here, you will visit the inner oasis and have the opportunity to participate in daily tribal life by joining your host at the village headmaster’s house for a cup of tea!
After our visit, we will return to Ouarzazate in the evening.

📸 Photos of Oasis Fint.

📌 Map Oasis Fint day excursion departing from Ouarzazate

Map Oasis Fint day excursion departing from Ouarzazate


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